Let’s rip up the growth monitor and start engaging authentically!

Make no mistake, the face of social media changes constantly. The mysterious algorithm that factors in all social media channels is set to give posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account with more engagement priority over those that don’t.

What is an algorithm?

A social media algorithm is the behind the scenes tech, built by social media platform owners, to deliver the best content to the user. If you prefer a specific type of post, maybe you hit like on pictures of sausage dogs often, then the algorithms will show you more of the content that you engage with, in this case, you can expect to see lots more of those sausage dogs you adore!

Why do algorithms matter? Beware the guru!

Old school marketers churn out content, all be it good content but receive little engagement. Sure, your social media guru might have over 40k followers on three different social channels but look further, if they’re getting just one or two likes per post they’re not engaging, probably because they lack authenticity.

People Matter! Reduce the BS

Today’s social media users are highly aware of marketing. They know when they’re being sold to. They have also developed a very low tolerance for BS. If you’re inauthentic and always trying to sell your product or service you’re instantly reducing the pull that you might otherwise have online.

What’s the way forward with social media?

One word, authenticity! Authenticity and being yourself is important. You need to think outside of the box and become the person behind your brand. Think of it a different way, when was the last time you had a conversation with a logo? Exactly! Your business is so much more than your brand.
Like everybody else, you have good days and bad days. You may feel that your social media tribe only wants to see your success stories, your business growth, your awards, your achievements. That’s so very untrue. Nobody’s perfect, so why try to be? In fact, you may want to think about sharing your failures and the lessons learnt so that people can identify with you and your brand. Your followers will appreciate you more and you’ll feel less pressure.

Have fun! Or don’t

We all want to follow somebody that’s having fun and doing what they’re doing for the love of it. Social media is enjoyable, it may well be a job for marketers but most of the population are there because they want to be. Share emotion, we’re only human after all, we all experience the highs and lows of what we’re doing.

Go on – what are you doing right now?

It’s now over to you my social friend. What did you eat for breakfast? How was your journey to work? Any tech issues today? How’s that training going? Did you have fun in a meeting?
Be real, be authentic, be truthful – those likes will come.


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Author: Zena Scott – Digital marketing, social media savvy, content creator with sass.

Owner of Bug Bear Marketing. Based in Kent, Bug Bear Marketing is a family business handling promotion, website building with SEO optimised content, digital and social media communications.
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