So the other day I posted the below picture with the intention of quite literally looking at the power of perspective.

On one social media platform it got over 600 views and numerous comments

And on another it had 257 views and 0 comments except for a direct message nearly immediately after I posted it saying:

“Is that really the picture you meant to post ?!!”

To which my answer was “yes”,

The individuals message interaction went from how inappropriate it was to a light bulb moment which they begrudgingly acknowledged.

The person’s initial reaction and communication based on what they thought the picture was, to what the picture actually is, completely sums up the reason I posted it.

Clarity and perspective is key.

Our initial reaction to what we see influences our response, our reactions, our thoughts, our communication and our results.

Until you see things differently.

Look beyond initial assumptions and learn how a whole new understanding opens up for you.

How we see something is not necessarily how someone else sees it, yet just because it’s clear to us we often expect it’s clear to others and that, if they can’t see it how we do, they are just being difficult somehow.

Often others (or maybe even you) say “of course I can see it ‘your way’” for fear of admitting they can’t.

Ever had an experience where you’ve been in a meeting nodding away and agreeing and then you walk out and say something like “I have no idea what they were going on about”?

Only to find no one else understood either.

Do you know anyone who is quite literally on their ‘soapbox’ in their view of things, refusing to see things any other way?

Or are you that person?

Seeing something another person’s way doesn’t mean you have to agree with them but being open to different perspectives, opinions, points of views and alternative ways of doing something can lead to much better understanding, insights, learnings and ways forward.

What do you see in the picture?

Find someone who sees something different to you or really can’t see what you see and help them see it your way.

In life in general, what is it you need to see differently perhaps? And what difference might it make if you did?

What things do you stubbornly refuse to look at other than perhaps in a blinkered way… and why?

And what is so clear to you that you wish was so blindingly obvious to everyone else? And how can you get them to see it?

What is your perspective soapbox and what happens if another is on an opposing soapbox?

Now ask yourself the same questions about work, or relationships, or health, or any other specific area….. like outsourcing perhaps … how do you see that?

Changing the way you look at things brings new clarity and new options.

To quote Wayne Dyer – if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


A guest post authored by the late David Jessop, The Outsourcing Way Founding Resident Expert

A Life and Success Coach between 2002-2019, Dave worked in the Corporate world, with SMEs, in the Education Sector and with a range of private clients.