At the end of 2018 I went on a goal mapping workshop, run by Dave Jessop, and wrote a lovely blog to follow, along with drawing some more very colourful goal maps for different areas of my life.

I could have left it at that – having had a lovely day working on myself, with good food and good company, and a new skill to create more colourful plans for the rest of my life.

But I decided it might be a good idea to actually take the action that I had highlighted in my goal maps and follow through with what I needed to do, who I needed to help me and what I was hoping to achieve as a result.

So, I have picked one area and really given it my all.

After being a member of a local health club with gym for the past 21 months, I decided it was time to do more with my membership than just enjoy the jacuzzi and bar areas.

My goal map showed that I needed to do two things to get this happening: 1. Put time in my diary for it, and 2. To get a gym buddy and arrange to go with them on a regular basis.

So I started with finding 2 times in my diary that would be possible – that being Monday and Thursday mornings – from 7.30am to about 9am. This would be not too early a start, mean I can walk the dogs before I go and also have time for a cup of tea. Plus, I knew my gym buddy would be possibly going around that time too after the school drop off.

Phase 1 of trying to limit the excuses complete.

After a couple of sessions with her, I started to talk to others I knew there and realised that booking classes at the weekend might be a good way to get to the gym when often the weekends can be overrun with chores and catching up. So, I started to look at the timetable. They all seemed full so I spoke to the reception team who told me that a number of new classes had just been released and I could book on there and then. So, I did. I also got them to put the booking app on my phone at the same time.

Phase 2 of stopping any more excuses complete.

And I have been to the gym every single day since. I have either done a scheduled class or I have gone with someone and completed a workout on the equipment. I might not be doing it the most effectively, but I have started and I am actually really enjoying it. I bought myself a couple of new gym t-shirts and invested in new gym clothes for my daughters. A quick trip to Sports Direct and we have all we need to turn up and get on with it.

Phase 3 of removing all excuses for the three of us complete.

And I have worked out how to book onto the classes I want to do and to find a time each day to pop to the gym and make the most of it. Some days I go twice, and spend the second session in the pool or the jacuzzi. And I feel loads better about myself already. I feel a part of something. I get to speak to people I haven’t seen for ages and I have made new connections through them too.

My sense of wellbeing is already improved and this is just one area of my goal map. I hope it gives me the confidence to tackle the next area soon too as I tend to work better when I only have one thing to focus on. Once this is a nice habit that happens without thought, then I will move onto the next thing.