Relax with Kerry Lou started in 2016 . It all began due to having severe anxiety in relation to my cluster headaches. My lovely Mum brought me some reiki sessions. I found my first experience challenging & difficult to understand how it would help me! I went back though, for 5 more weeks in a row. Each time I was able to relax more & with this the benefits increased! I wanted to share benefits of reiki with others but in a way that did not make in ‘magical’, (it is not magic it’s science!) but finding this approach I found had been difficult to find. I wanted to provide this service in an easy to understand way for all people. So that’s what I did; learnt reiki & then provided people with reiki.

Business expanded further when I started being able to offer reiki from home as well as being mobile. I became interested in reflexology & it’s benefits which I found useful with my headaches! So I decided to learn Reflexology as well. This too is fascinating; and has so many benefits to your health & wellbeing as well as a nice pamper! This went down a treat with my reiki customers too! I found some couples coming to me for reflexology together & thought of how getting a group of people together for reflexology may work. I trailed it with some family & friends, and it worked well… it was described as a reflexology party, & this stuck! I have now been doing these parties since October 2018 & they have been very popular & they are so lovely to do! You can see people relaxing, & asking questions about how it works & different areas of the foot etc.

For me I love providing people with relaxation & ‘treats’ which help with health issues also! It is such a nice combination as they are able to see actual results or benefits to their health as well as feeling relaxed & refreshed when leaving me. I love being able to explain how they work & the realisation when people realise how a treatment has helped them, especially those who have been sceptic; as I was when I first began having reiki!

I pride myself on the ability to engage and work with all different people; I have experience in working with older people or people with physical and learning disabilities. This has supported me in business and enabled me to be flexible in order to be able to meet my customer’s needs & support them through the treatment.

I have gone on to do animal reiki which has proved useful with my own fur babies; who are now so used to reiki it’s beautiful! My girl rabbit Luna; lays down now as soon as I put on the music I use for reiki. There’s so much that can be done with animals and in terms of reducing anxiety & fear which reiki is able to help with. My girl wouldn’t be the same without it!

So, that’s me, my business & how it and I have grown! It has been an amazing journey so far & there will be more to come (I am learning another treatment already)! I love the treatments, the people, animals & learning it all brings!

If you want to learn more or experience a treatment or party with me please do not hesitate to contact me!

Kerry can now be found on our directory!