There are many reasons as to why you may have signed up to an expo this year. Perhaps you want the opportunity to network, or the chance to find out more about some big name businesses. Or maybe you want to learn some business secrets from one of the keynote speakers, or maybe you just like speaking to people face-to-face.

Whatever the reason for signing up, follow these 4 tips and get the most out of your next expo!


Tip #1 – Don’t take too much stuff

The temptation when visiting an expo for the day is to come prepared. You fill your handbag or rucksack with water bottle, notepad, pens, snacks, etc. This is so unnecessary because you will get LOADS of freebies. Everything from free samples to brochures to sweets- plus more free branded pens than you would use in a lifetime!

You’ll be provided with everything you need so don’t become overloaded- believe me you’ll have so much to carry by the end of the day you’ll be glad you left your notebook at home!


Tip #2 – Look at who is exhibiting in advance

You don’t want to miss out on speaking to those that you really want to meet. The best way to ensure you don’t run out of time to see them is to pick out those that interest you the most in advance. Most expos provide a map of where all the exhibitors are placed at the event- highlight your favourites and plan your route efficiently around the exhibition so that you can see them all!


Tip #3 – Check out the free sessions

Most expos will have free sessions you can go along to. Research what they are before the event and sign on to any that require pre-booking. For any that you just turn up to on the day, make sure that you arrive early to get a seat. Sessions for the most popular speakers can run out of seats 15-20 minutes before their speech even starts!


Tip #4 – Register as a VIP

Before the expo, try to register as a VIP online. It will often cost less than you think (sometimes it’s free!) and will provide you with a VIP area that provides free drinks and snacks and, most importantly, somewhere to sit down when you need a break!


If you’re still looking to book onto an expo why not check out The Business Show in London, Love Business EXPO in Loughborough or the Northern Business EXPO in Manchester!