Goal planning or goal setting seems to form a part of this time in the calendar. New Year is traditionally when people look to make new resolutions about what they want to their life to look like in their own personal ‘new year’.

People often set goals around areas such as their work, their weight, relationships, money, health, new habits, their dreams and their passions. But goal setting and planning can be done at anytime, not just New Year.

Have you set any? If so, in what areas and what have you set as your goals?

There are loads of goal setting techniques around and with so many available how is it that many people still never set goals? Often it’s because of the following:

  • People don’t know they need to set goals and so don’t.
  • People don’t know how to set goals
  • People have set goals in the past and not achieved them so they think goal setting doesn’t work.
  • People share their goals with the wrong people and get talked out of believing they can achieve them.

Yet goal setting is only one element… the key to success is is goal achievement and to do that any technique needs to help someone not only set and plan their goals but also give them a process and steps that lead to goal achievement.

Such a technique is Goal Mapping!

Learning how to set and achieve goals is a master skill for life. It is the one skill that allows you to gain all other skills and abilities. Throughout history the most successful men and women have been those who developed their natural mental ability of goal setting into a powerful skill for achievement.

Created by Brian Mayne, Goal Mapping is a unique whole-brain system designed to connect your consciously chosen goals to your subconscious mind, so that your subconscious begins to automatically move you and your goals towards each other.

It’s 7 steps or principals are:

  1. Raise your Awareness- the first step of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals will invariably require you to increase your awareness of yourself and how you make decisions.
  2. Developing Possibility Consciousness is about developing an open mind.
  3. Finding Balance is essential for long term success so finding balance in your goals is key.
  4. Be On Purpose is doing the things that make you happy to truly unleash your passion.
  5. Become Fully Response– able explores our freedom to choose our response to help achieve high levels of success.
  6. Maintain a positive focus is about setting goals about what a person wants so that they automatically towards the attainment of their goals.
  7. Involve to Evolve is about not only utilising your own inner wisdom but also accessing others who can really help you achieve your goals.

Goal Mapping enhances the natural mental process of the conscious and unconscious mind working together; goal setting is one thing, goal achievement is where all the power and success lies. Goal Mapping is a truly universal system for success and can help you achieve whatever you focus your mind on. Create Goal Maps for different areas of your life such as family, health, fitness and career. In addition you can use Goal Mapping for specific projects, targets and as part of a Personal Development Plan. Goal  Mapping can even bee used very effectively by an entire team to capture and define vision or purpose or a collective goal of the departments, team or organisation.

Being clear on what your goals are, having a powerful reason to achieve them, knowing the steps you need to take and who can help you is an essential blueprint for success.

The process of creating a Goal Map creates a powerful command for your subconscious about what you want and a succinct plan for your conscious mind on how you are going to achieve them.

Have things you want to achieve? Let Goal Mapping show you how.


A guest post authored by the late David Jessop, The Outsourcing Way Founding Resident Expert

A Life and Success Coach between 2002-2019, Dave worked in the Corporate world, with SMEs, in the Education Sector and with a range of private clients. 

He has successfully delivered Goal Mapping workshops to individuals, groups and teams in the private sector, education sector and Corporate world as well as presenting Goal Mapping to hundreds of people at Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego.