One fact I read today shocked me ‘10% of UK households put the ENTIRE cost of Christmas on a credit card’. Just think of the presents you could buy on the interest you’d pay on that! 

Christmas ‘Tis the season to give’ but the pressure to go overboard is immense. As a mum of two, this fact didn’t surprise me ‘the biggest spenders at Christmas have kids with a minimum spend starting at £1000 and going over £2700’ People without dependants spend half this!  

With experiments showing 16% of us not remembering how much we exactly spent after 10mins of a purchase and £446,000 being spent every minute of every day in December on presents alone! Has the world gone mad! 

1 in 14 of us dip into our overdrafts and most of us overspend by £152!

Here are a few tips to try and stay in pocket and less crazy this Christmas. 

Shop by yourself 

Have a list, organise your route and shop alone. We don’t need to compare or have people put ideas in our heads. Stick to your list, head down and keep going. 


An obvious one but do it. Don’t just make the dreaded list of what you have spent. Think about how much you want to spend and try and spend less than your expectation! 


How many of us go to the effort of buying Christmas Card from Charities? Loads in my opinion, everyone loves supporting a charity and letting everyone know they are doing so. Why not do this with our present buying? Go to Charity shops for your gifts, they are everywhere and trust me, they have hidden gems. 

Use technology 

When your out shopping if the price sounds good double check it online. It’s not hard, type your product on google and it will bring up the average cost. Always worth it. Deals are normally not deals! 


Stop trying to keep up with the adverts, buy what you enjoy not what you think you may enjoy that cost 10x as much. 

Finally, Christmas gifts should come from the heart, not just the wallet. See what it is that your friends and family need most, what would mean the most to them; let those be the gifts you try to give this year.

Christmas has the extraordinary power to make even the cheapest, tackiest, silliest things mean something, along with making a dead tree beautiful! Make Memories not card statements that bring a tear to the eye! 

 We all have a break at Christmas and if you have racked up an expensive Christmas think about how to promote your business better in January to get more client leads. 

The Outsourcing Way is free to list your business on. We are also always looking for Guest Bloggers, so when you have a spare minute tell us about yourself and your business and we will promote you all for FREE. 

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