You are self-employed, but you DEFINITELY have everything under control! This means that you only have to work 9-5 Monday to Friday. That’s a whole 40 hours a week to get through your to-do list… totally enough time, right?


This week’s task list…
  • Write a blog (1 hour)
  • Create social media content and schedule it out (2 hours)
  • Replying to emails (5 hours)
  • Lunch breaks x5 (2.5 hours)
  • Client phone calls (4 hours)
  • Send out this month’s invoices (3 hours)
  • Design a quiz for your website (1 hour)
  • Reply to comments on your social media posts (2 hours)
  • Take the dog to the vets (2 hours)
  • Proof-read your newsletter before scheduling it to go out on Mailchimp (1 hour)
  • Picking the kids up from school x5 (2.5 hours)
  • Go to a networking meeting x2 (6 hours)
  • Follow up one-to-one from the networking meeting (1 hour)
  • Tidy/clean office (1 hour)
  • Buy birthday present for mother in law (1 hour)
  • Update your finances in Xero (5 hours)
  • More client calls (2 hours)
  • Updating your dairy, including ringing a client to reschedule- you’ve just got too much to do! (1 hour)
  • Take kids to the cinema (3 hours)


We’re already at 45 hours…

…and I’m sure most of you have many more things on your to-do list!

Just like that, you realise that those 40 hours are really not enough! So, you can forget about taking your lunch break or going to Cineworld with the kids! Plus, how much time do you actually have to do your core job? The important stuff- your client work, spending time with your family and looking after yourself- just gets pushed to the side. No wonder your 9-5 dream has gone out of the window… more like 7am-10pm weekday, plus a couple of hours doing office admin at the weekend!

Don’t despair- this is a problem that can easily be solved! Outsource all of those jobs that are not your core competency. Focus your client work within your selected working hours and then leave weekends and evenings free for the really important things!

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