Alongside every other company in Britain, we had our office Christmas party this December. We are a small team: 1 boss, 2 IT managers, 1 business coach, 1 financial adviser and 4 office dogs bodies. The 9 of us travelled to Watford to eat, drink and dance the night away. It was a 1920’s themed night, hosted by Best Parties Ever (they lived up to their ambitious name!), and we were there with teams from different companies all round the local area.

Flappers, acrobats and singers entertained us while we ate our three course meal, followed by coffee and cheese and biscuits- sinful but oh well it’s Christmas! The post-dinner entertainment was fantastic! After ramming into each other on the dodgems, we gained (and lost) playing blackjack and then danced to all the cheesy classics under the disco ball.

The evening was finished off in style with a bacon sandwich.

Our Christmas party was great fun and was the perfect way to celebrate all that we achieved in 2018! How are you and your team rounding down the year?