It happens every year; the nights close in, the temperatures drop and all minds turn to the festive season. However, don’t forget your outside space as it can cheer you and your visitors, no end on a cold winters day. If you have room for a couple of pots outside the front door, or if you have a patio, the best way to get some colour is planting with some winter pansies and primroses or use some evergreen planting. Perhaps a small euonymus, or even a grass, can give a more contemporary look. While you’re busy planting these up, pop in some spring flowering bulbs (crocus, dwarf daffodils or tulips) in the same pots and they will grow through and surprise you in the spring.

Don’t forget your hanging baskets; you could co-ordinate these to match your pots and complement the colour of your front door? Look after these bedding plants, with regular deadheading and watering during dry spells, then you could have colour right through to next spring. Now that is value!

So enjoy the festive season but don’t forget the outside “room”. Pull back the curtains, sit in a warm, comfy chair and see how much colour you can actually see on a cold winter’s day. There will be frost on branches, spiders webs on frosty mornings and watching the succession of flowers through winter helps time to pass and before you know it the snowdrops will be up and we will soon be on our way to spring!

Caroline Howells from ARCH Gardening


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