Bev Mann is a  Spiritual Medium from London UK. She gives private readings, demonstrates mediumship and runs development/mediumship workshops throughout the world. We got the chance to ask some questions that We’ve always wanted to ask a professional Clairvoyant.

1. When did you first know that you had psychic and mediumship abilities?

As a small child, I always knew I was different, often feeling that I didn’t fit in. At night, I was often woken up by people in spirit, some sitting at the end of my bed! My parents became used to me waking up crying as I didn’t understand what was going on.

2. How do you connect with people to do readings?

When we read people either psychically or mediumistically we are tuning into their energy and a blending of the two energies takes place.

3. Is a reading better in person or by phone?

Because we are reading energy – it can take place anywhere, ie phone, Skype or in person. Even our loved ones in spirit are everywhere! However, I prefer to read in person.

4. Did you pursue any training to help you hone your skills as a psychic and spiritual medium?

I invested a lot of time and money in my training. I took many courses, in particular, studying at the world-renowned school of psychic studies, the Arthur Findlay College. I believe we can never stop learning!

5. Do we all have angels?

Yes it is my personal belief we all have angels who are around us

6. Are your abilities constant or can you turn them on or off at will?

Although I know I am able to tune in at any time, I believe in discipline and discernment and only switch on when I choose to. I teach others the same discipline.

7. If loved ones have died, how do they communicate with you?

I tune into my client’s energy and ask for their loved ones to step forward. Of course, there are never any guarantees I will connect with who you want to talk to, spirit decide!

8. Can you read people’s minds?

I believe we all have telepathic skills if we tune into them

9. How much background should I provide when I ask a question?

I prefer to do a reading not knowing anything about a client. If there’s a question it’s better to ask me later in the reading. The reason is I prefer ‘a clean plate’

10. Do you believe the common saying that ‘everyone is a psychic’?

Yes. As human beings, it’s said we only use 8% of our brains!

11. Can you communicate with animals?

Yes, I believe animals have souls too. Our beloved pets who have passed to spirit have often come through in a reading as they too wish to be remembered

12. Can you share any feedback you’ve heard from your clients after their readings?

The best feedback is when you give a client information in a reading and they are not aware of it, then after the reading and they go away and check with others, then they come back and confirm those details. That’s the best feeling – when someone later confirms what you’ve already given – proof that mediums do not read minds since the information was not within the client’s knowledge. You can check out my testimonials for both private readings and my teachings via my website

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