Pretty much this question gets asked every time I meet someone. Concisely summarising the work I undertake for clients steered me to refer to myself as an Executive Assistant (EA), but this appears to need further clarification. The term Virtual Assistant (VA) is known somewhat more widely than EA; many clients refer to me as a VA and I really don’t mind. I am your freelance Executive Assistant; flexible, professional and highly organised.

‘Why do you need one of me?’

Notebook & Pen was set up to offer a little more than the reactive administration that businesses widely use VA services for. Some want a more strategic mindset, casting an eye over the business; suggesting new ways of working, efficiency savings, process improvements, the list goes on….. Whilst capably juggling multiple tasks on a daily basis, the ability to forward plan, offer proactive business services and support the operation of your business when you need it most; that’s why you may need me.

Supporting individuals and businesses on a fully flexible basis and up to a senior level, sets Notebook & Pen aside from your typical VA. That’s not to say VA’s are not of value – far from it, they provide fantastic support across so many areas of business, each with their very own niche. Some of the work clients have benefitted from include; in person recruitment support, sales and marketing, staff cover for absence, strategic planning, event coordination and so much more.

The business sector is changing rapidly; with flexible and home working becoming more favoured, as well as outsourcing particular business services to specialists.  For an informal discussion on how Notebook & Pen can support you and your business to move forward please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Written by guest blogger: Amy Farnfield – Notebook & Pen

My name is Amy Farnfield and I have spent over a decade working for a number of both private and public sector organisations. I graduated from university later in my career studying Business, with a particular interest in Strategy and Management. I have had the opportunity to understand business in practice, alongside academic viewpoints. I have a passion to support organisations and individuals achieve their business aspirations. Through my all-encompassing background, I launched: Notebook & Pen.

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