We love a themed blog and, considering it’s Halloween, we thought you could use a little magic!

Everyone could do with a bit more time on their hands. We can’t give you more hours in the day but here is the next best thing: 4 productivity hacks that will make you and your business more efficient.

Hack #1 – Take things one step at a time

This may sound counterintuitive but just bear with us! By breaking down a big scary project into the small component parts, you are making the whole task much more manageable. You could tackle the project as a whole. However, you are way more likely to be motivated to achieve more in multiple 30-minute sessions. Be specific about what task you want to do in the half hour block. Over time these small goals will add up, making reaching the end goal much more stress-free!

Hack #2 – Time tracking software

A must for all businesses. These apps not only help you to organise yourself, they also help you see how you spend your time. Which clients do you spend most time on? It will also help you to stop flitting between tasks; it makes your life a lot easier to note down one task that took you an hour, rather than 5 different tasks that you worked between over the hour. We recommend checking out Toggl. It’s easy to sign up plus its free!

You need to work to your strengths. What time of the day are you most focused? This is when you should do the more laborious tasks. Save the easier jobs for the times you find it hard to concentrate. Make sure you don’t forget to factor in some rest time. It is important to recharge, allowing you to be motivated and focused when you return to your to-do list.

Hack #3 – Sort out your work space and organise yourself

It is so easy to waste time deciding what to do next. Get organised and write yourself a planned to-do list at the start of your week. What do you want to achieve overall during the whole week? When are you going to complete each individual task? If you don’t like the traditional notepad and pen, there are apps to help you. Try Asana– it’s great for individuals and whole teams!

But before you start doing anything else, declutter your work space. A quick autumn clean will not only make it easier to get work done but it will also help you to avoid distractions!

Hack #4- Last but not least, delegate!

There are so many jobs which take up your precious time that could be done by other people. If you work as part of a team, then this could be delegating tasks to other members of your group. Just make sure you give the right tasks to the right people! No point asking Jim from engineering to scan your receipts into QuickBooks… it would be a waste of resources!

Your other option is to outsource tasks to service providers such as virtual assistants, bookkeepers and trainers. This will allow you to focus your time on your core job! No matter the task there will be someone out there that can help you- use our business directory to find them!

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Happy Halloween! Happy outsourcing!