We have recently set up this new website “The Outsourcing Way”. It is a platform created to connect businesses and customers, as well as to provide outsourcing information and advice.

Our business directory allows service providers to be discovered easily by customers, helping businesses to gain clients and customers to receive a top-quality service.

Would you like to be featured on the directory?  You can add yourself directly via the link if you are a business that others can outsource to.


We know the true value of outsourcing to anybody who had a business or a busy personal life.

There has been much written about Outsourcing Theory – why it works, what its true meaning is and why it is often seen as a negative asset. And the value of outsourcing is as unique to each individual as the choices they make when it comes to how and what to outsource. And the outsourcing economy is growing on a daily basis. So if you work in or for a company that offers outsourcing, or possibly uses outsourced services, then what are you waiting for?

Sign up to our directory today!!