TOW HQ is always a busy place – we work remotely but every so often we come together and brainstorm the next phase of development for The Outsourcing Way. This is what we get up to on a typical day as a team.

7.15am: First team member arrives at the office. quick check to make sure there is enough milk for the day and then get the kettle going. It is pretty flexible here so people turn up when works for them.

9am: All team members are usually in by now, having dropped off the children and got through the rush hour traffic. The first hour of the day is spent checking emails, reviewing and posting any new additions to the directory and then checking social media. Some things will be have been resolved whilst at home or on the journey in but anything outstanding will get cleared down in the first hour.

10am: Team meeting. We have a fairly informal team get-together every morning to run through what has been going on. As a start-up we are focused on activities that are working towards quick business growth so discussion today is about how we can build the directory, so it is a bit of a longer meeting. It’s decided we need external help as we just don’t have enough capacity to do this as quickly as we would like. We agree on a budget for an external company to provide specific lead generation and send off several messages to try and get recommendations. We also review performance targets for October to see how we are doing against plan. Guest blogs are a priority.

11.30am: Team chat done, the recommendations are already coming in for an external lead generator. One person shapes the brief for what we need so that we can start discussions.

Lunchtime: someone pops out to the local supermarket and picks up meal deals all round – if only we had a sandwich delivery company near us 🙂 sadly, at the moment we have to make do with get-your-own. Over lunch we work across the social media platforms and talk freely about ideas we have as we go. Being in the office together is great as it means we can discuss things as they come up rather than type them over group chat.

2.30pm: most afternoons people drift away around now to do school runs or work at home. There is a call with the web designer about some tweaks needed to the site so these are worked through over the next hour. One of the recommendations for an external lead generator has come through and the introduction has started the conversation off. We send off the brief. We also discuss getting customer feedback and site testing. Need to add that to tomorrow’s agenda.

4.30pm: Phone call with the external lead generators – there is a lot more to this than we had realised so we go through the key requirements and give more detail on what we actually want. This is helpful all round – clarity is often overlooked when it is so clear in our own heads! But we agree on geographics, business size and key words and follow up with a quick outline email. Fingers crossed it’s enough to at least get some quotes in. The rest of the afternoon is quiet, with the team writing or making contact with different companies.

6.30pm: Home life starts to require some attention so it’s time to stop working. Quick wash up, tidy and final email check and then the last couple of people go home. There will be some activity throughout the evening, especially on social media, but it will be on-the-sofa type working which often generates a whole new type of creativity.