I was inspired to write this blog after a self-employed friend of mine asked: “Aren’t you just being lazy if you pay someone else to do jobs you can do yourself?”

I suppose it’s one way to look at outsourcing, however that viewpoint is so limiting! You are condemning yourself to fill your time with jobs that other people can do. You should instead complete the tasks that only you yourself have the skills to do.

Instead of making you and your business look lazy, outsourcing will improve the impression that your business gives potential and current clients.


Efficiency is key

To state the obvious, if you have someone working alongside you, you will get more done in a shorter period of time. For example, imagine that you have employed a virtual assistant to take care of your Outlook emails, appointments and phone calls. Between nine and five you can now get on with meeting clients and doing work for them without having to keep glancing at your phone. By doing this not only will your current clients feel valued but also those individuals interested in purchasing your product or service will be able to easily get hold of your business.

By being more organised and efficient, your business will be more professional and reliable. Happy clients will give you higher-rated reviews, increased sales and ultimately greater success.


Two heads are better than one

We know that you are a creative, ingenious and clever business person. That being said, no matter how creative, ingenious and clever you are, you will never be able to think of everything. By having another member on your team, you are doubling the potential of your business to develop. New ideas for how to make your products and/or services better will help to drive your business forwards- being stationary is never good!


So, to reply to my friend’s question: If you use outsourcing to allow you to concentrate on your core competency, to have better communication with leads and to bring new ideas to your business then no, I don’t think you are being lazy. I think you are showing your clients and competitors what a great business you are!


If you would like any ideas on what to outsource follow this link for some outsourcing inspiration.