Great news!!! Shopping is no longer the source of stress and avoidance that it used to be!!

Shopping? Stressful?? “Never” I hear your cry!

But…. for some people, the very thought of having to go to the shops is enough to make them hide away and be extremely busy, let alone to face the challenge of what to buy when they get there! So, with the roll out of internet shopping, our stressful-shopping days are over!!

Pretty much everything nowadays can be browsed, selected, paid for and delivered without having to look away from your phone. And many of the big internet sales giants have apps to make it even easier to shop for just about anyone you know.

Do you struggle with ideas of what to buy? Many retailers offer online personal shopping advice. Gifts for a certain price, or for different family members, seasonal gifts, gifts that can be sent abroad. Try the online personal shopper at Not on the High Street  (who have an awesome app too) or IWOOT. You will get a range of things to choose from, regardless of time of year, and can have it delivered to the recipient wrapped and without a price tag. Many shops even have personal style shoppers – try Debenhams, Selfridges or John Lewis.

Have you tried an online wish list? Amazon is definitely king (or queen) of another great shopping feature that means people can create their own wish lists and share them – the Amazon wish list. So, you can create your own lists and choose to share them with whomever you want. And you can access other people’s lists and buy something they actually long for instead of just a voucher (which is always an option if you really have no other idea at all or if what is left on the list is way over the budget you want to spend, and can be downloaded and emailed/printed for even greater efficiency).

Do you dread the weekly grocery shop? Food can be ordered and a 1 or 2-hour time slot selected from many of the big supermarkets, with options to click and collect – no more dragging your children around the supermarket or long queues at the tills. Tesco even allow morning orders for the same day and most deliver late into the evening. Make it easier by accepting substitutes for general things, as you can always refuse them, but it is better to have some key things turn up regardless of brand, than have nothing at all – especially if you have run out and it potentially means no milk for your cup of tea or no food for the cat!

Do you love a bargain? The sites with apps like Ebay and Shpock are revolutionising the way we recycle our belongings. We can earn good money from all the clothes we never wear, the DVD’s never watched, books we have finished and the furniture we no longer need. Even Facebook groups in your local have thousands of members which makes for easy local collection, especially helpful for those larger items. And these sites all have apps to make it quick and simple to put things up for sale. If you have unwanted things, then get them up for sale!! You are missing out on easy cash as well as living in a cluttered home – and clutter is not healthy for anyone! (If you want to find out more about how to declutter, we will be blogging about this later in October).

Could you outsource it all? Even with the wish lists, apps, and online personal shoppers, it may all still be too much. Find a service that offers concierge services and personal shopping services and let them do the very job that you hate.

The internet has transformed how we think about shopping and whether you love it or hate it, there is a shopping solution for you.