During the colder months of the year, it can be easy to forget the role of the garden in our wellbeing and home life. Many gardeners we spoke to told us work levels drop significantly in winter even though there is always work to be done in maintaining and improving our outside spaces.

In the summer, we naturally move towards spending time outside and making sure it is tidy, well stocked and somewhere we can spend time in. Spending time outside can really help with our mind-set and wellbeing and so spending money during the warmer months on a gardener to keep this space in great condition seems like a natural choice, but we often don’t see the value in retaining our spend on the garden during the wintery months.

But, with just a few thoughtful additions to our gardens, they can become a year round space that we can spend time in and find motivation from.

Getting an outside heater to stand on the patio or hang from the parasol will make sitting outside on an autumnal evening really cosy. Team that with a blanket and hot water bottles and sitting outside can be enjoyed all year round. Garden heaters and blanket boxes can be found with great discounts during early autumn as the shops clear their stock so keep an eye out for amazing offers from stores as well as online discount sites such as Groupon and Wowcher.

Book your gardener to come once a month from October to March. Once the last lawn cut of the season has been done in October, get your gardener to keep it maintained throughout the winter. Re-seeding, scarifying and weed treatment will make sure your lawn is looking fabulous by the spring. They will also need to keep on top of fallen leaves which can hang around long into December.

Do any cutting down of bushes and trees whilst the birds have migrated. That way you won’t disturb nests from birds or bees. Your gardener will be able to work out the best time to tackle this to reduce the likelihood of affecting local wildlife. Overgrown trees can block sunlight and become a hazard in bad weather so make sure you get this booked in with them at the right time.

Finally, work with your gardener to plan what you will be wanting from your garden the following year. They will be able to help you with planting, re-designing and improving your garden space.

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