One of my favorite things about being a designer for marketing is typography, you might think it is impossible to get excited by the letter Q for instance, but I do.


Take a look at Q in the logo above I put together for a client.


Image 1 BalanceQuest

It did help of course that the following letter was a ‘U’ that meant the ‘Q” tail flowed beautifully underneath.  (And fortunately most times a ‘Q’ is used a ‘u’ follows.)


There are many interesting aspects to typography, and it is not just the design and elegance of the face, but also the spaces in between.

There are some very clever logos that use this space to their advantage. Next time you come across the FEDEX logo see if you can you spot the direction arrow .

Then there is the arrow from A to Z which makes up the Amazon smile?


Careful attention is all part of creating a beautiful design typographically, and it can be catastrophic when something goes wrong ….. and sometimes very funny.


Image 2

Jokes aside, a well designed logo, advertisement or flyer, what ever the piece is, just the typography alone can communicate a great deal about your business.

If you ran a flying school you probably would be wrong to chalk up a sign on a black board, at the edge of your airfield.

But if you were a farmer selling fresh eggs it would work extremely well.


Image 3 and 4

So if you ever find your self having to commission a piece of work, it is worth having someone who will think carefully about your typography, not to mention the spaces in between.



Celia Heley is based in St Albans and has been working with local businesses since 2011 helping them with their brand, and getting their message across. Celia has an eye for what works and a way with words. She has a BA(Hons) in graphic design, and worked for West End advertising agencies for over 20 years, on national and international accounts covering everything from automotive to travel, high finance to charities.

For more information or to get in contact with Celia, Celia Heley Design & Art Direction  can be found on our Business Directory.