I don’t know about you, but I am getting to a point in my life where I no longer want to be working in this way!

I no longer want to have to record my hours worked against an hourly rate in order to reach a minimum income level.

I feel trapped………..restricted even…….and less like an entrepreneur than ever before!! This is not what I wanted to be self-employed for and I have been looking at how I can change my business model to enable me to no longer be a slave to the time for money culture.

Many small businesses are based on selling a service to one or just a few clients at a time, that takes your time to deliver. So how can we improve how we work to suit our business model? The choice is really this; either you can broaden your reach to a greater number of people at once, or you need to delegate and automate some aspects of your business or life to enable you to work solely in your area of genius.

Can you move away from 1:1 and towards 1:many? If you are delivering 1:1 services, things like coaching or advice, instead of working 1:1 only, could you incorporate workshops, seminars, courses that can be sold at a higher price to many more people at once. Can you create pieces that can be recorded once and sold ongoing, without you having to deliver in person? The internet is the greatest opportunity we have in 21st century Britain to deliver our services without having to be there, and to get our content out to people we have never met and are willing to pay for it.

Can you automate any parts of your business? If you have things you do regularly, is there any way to automate it that will mean your attention can be diverted to true income generation? Emails, social media, FAQ sections on your website – all of these can be utilised through free and easy to use software that needs little attention.

Can you delegate everything other than your core service? Of course, you can! You can outsource literally everything – from childcare to cleaning, admin to bookkeeping – every part of your back office can be supported by others who are more skilled and faster at doing them than you, or by software and apps that integrate and talk to each other. Outsource your social media automation so you never have to think about sending another tweet again!

I am working hard to build processes and systems in my businesses that mean I can start to move away from the time for money model and get some head space to create new ways of working and new ideas. Think about how you can do the same.