When first introduced to the concept of outsourcing, the initial thought for most (us included) is that it is too expensive! Why on earth would you pay a cleaner £15 to bleach the kitchen sink and vacuum when you are more than capable of doing it yourself? Who in their right mind would pay a business coach to meet with their team when you could give a perfectly good motivational speech?

However, not everything is as simple as it first appears. You would spend 30 minutes disinfecting your family bathroom. Think of how much that time would have been worth if you had spent it with a client… I bet it was more than £7.50!

Your time is valuable.

A fact that is easy to forget when you distract yourself with the everyday tasks that your business and your personal life give you. With only 24 hours in the day (minus those used for sleeping, eating, showering, etc) it is easy to only dedicate a small amount of time to your core competency, whatever that may be. The rest of your day gets eaten up by taking your kids to school, arranging appointments, taking your car to the garage, uploading receipts onto Xero, and so on and so forth…

It is time to release your true money-making potential!

For example, if you earn:

Over £15 per hour

Hire a gardener. An hourly visit every fortnight means that your lawn will always be mown, your hedges will always be trimmed, and your flower beds will remain weed free. Gardeners take the stress out of gardening, meaning that you can relax and simply enjoy your garden!

From our directory: ARCH Gardening is a garden maintenance and landscaping company. Getting involved with the maintenance of domestic gardens, the design of small borders or complete gardens.

Over £25 per hour

Hire a virtual assistant. Think of all those time-consuming office tasks that have been on your to-do list for weeks… hand them all over to a VA and never worry about them again!

From our directory: Notebook & Pen is a freelance executive assistant that is able to support any business in the UK.

Over £50 per hour

Hire a cake maker. It’s your mum’s 70th birthday… or your son’s 18th… or your cat’s 5th. It is time to awaken your inner Mary Berry and whip up a two-tier stunning, delicious creation that will astonish everyone! Or you could simply pass the responsibility over to an expert.

From our directory: The Cake Lab UK specialises in buttercream cakes for all occasions.


All in all, you need to spend money to make money!

Follow our advice and you will be using your time more efficiently!

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