What makes private tutoring so alluring to those seeking assistance in education is the ideology of making things personal.  As experts in their subjects, tutors are able to share their knowledge in an accessible and individual way.  Everybody learns differently; a private tutor is a real asset to learning because they can hone in on a specific subject area you require extra support with.  Let’s take Maths for example: have you cracked algebra yet still can’t figure out how to change the subject in an algebraic formula?  Working closely with an experienced Mathematician to aid you through the equation will get you from an Ein-nein to an Einstein in no time!

Having that ability to tweak learning styles is so imperative to the role of the tutor.  It is amazing how quickly you can observe progress through tutoring.  Even if you were the teacher’s pet in school, top button up and apple at the ready, there is still only so much one can access through an hour’s lesson in the presence of thirty students.  My students have frequently mentioned how much more they learn in an hour’s tutoring, as opposed to an hour’s school lesson, being able to work at their own pace and tap into ideas using personalised strategies. Many tutees are found by putting an advertisement up on Facebook – find yours today, no matter what the subject!

Do you not know your sin from your cos and tan?  Find a private tutor today!

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Are you re-sitting GCSEs or A-Levels?  Find a private tutor today to guide you through the course and help you obtain your desired grade.

First things first, have a look at the tutors in the business directory. Good luck!


Written by Jake Cochrane- Secondary School Teacher