If you are an outsourcing novice then finding a competent and well-reviewed vendor can be daunting. Hence, we have devised a simple 5 step plan to get you from outsourcing newbie to delegating master!

Step 1: Take a step back

If you are feeling snowed under by your workload then it is time to take a (metaphorical) step back. Notice the tasks that you don’t have time for. Acknowledge the tasks that you simply would rather not have to do. Write them all down. Prioritise them by which ones you hate the most or which tasks take you the most time. Needs some help with ideas? Browse through our Outsourcing Inspiration page to help you to brainstorm.

Step 2: Take control

Realise that you don’t have to do them! Give yourself the freedom to ignore that feeling that you must make this work on your own. Outsourcing is not about sacrificing control to others… it’s about gaining control over your business and personal life, getting rid of stress and increasing your productivity.

Step 3: Develop a better understanding

Firstly, understand why you need to outsource. What benefits will it specifically bring to you? Understand that you will be stalling the growth of your business by trying to manage it all yourself. Understand how outsourcing could save you money in the long term.

Step 4: Take it one step at a time

Unless you want to, there is no pressure to surrender all your non-core competency jobs right from the word go. Perhaps start with your bookkeeping on Quickbooks… followed by your social media scheduling… the cleaning… your diary management… the gardening… then your business phone calls… and the list goes on! It’s simple!

Step 5: Enjoy the benefits

Congratulations! Now is time to relax! Feel the stress melt away as you forget about the back-office tasks and focus on developing your business. Feel free to thank us later!