The cost really depends on the type of work you are outsourcing and the specific vendor. The cost of outsourcing is often outweighed by the time you save. However, it is still important to be money-savvy when hiring an outsourcer.

Cost and quality

There can sometimes be a correlation between higher prices and higher quality, however this is not always the case. Be thorough and carry out your vendor research over a variety of quoted prices for the same task. Follow this up by checking reviews to make sure you are protecting yourself from bad quality workers. Reviews are likely to be found on the vendor’s website or on their business social media pages. If a business has only poor reviews, or even has no reviews at all, it may be wise to steer clear!

Hourly rates versus a package deal

Although there are vendors which will only provide one option or the other, some outsourcers will allow you to choose between paying an hourly rate for an unspecified amount of time, or having a prepaid package with a set workload.

For example, a cleaner is likely to charge you per hour. However, a social media marketer may charge you a set amount per month but will complete any work you need doing.

Some vendors, such as virtual assistants, are likely to offer you a choice.

This is when it becomes important to consider what is most cost effective for you. Perhaps you have a long list of tasks you need help with. In this case, a package deal is likely to be the more cost-effective option. An hourly rate would most likely suit you better if the workload will fluctuate month to month, or if you only need the odd hour of work completing for you every now and again.

Where to next?

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